Check Out the BIG List of 5e D&D Character Classes! 

Games Schedule (with links to sign-up pages):

  • (Public) Monday D&D Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers visits the original home monastery of Baelin, an open hand monk who’s been with their party a long time, so that he can take his Master’s Tests. Baelin couldn’t have come home at a more opportune time, as a phenomenon near the monastery may be shedding light on where he came from before the monks found him alone in the wilderness all those years ago.
  • (Public) Tuesday Marvel Universe RPG 7:30pm CST: New Campaign Session One coming up. Adventure in the Marvel Univese!
  • (Public) Wednesday D&D Mystara 4pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers in Mystara’s Hollow Moon have begun freeing Thebitians from the mind-control of the kopru. In the Pyramid of Amun-Rho, they seek a mysterious relic that may help in the resistance against the kopru.
  • (Public) Wednesday Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers enters the laboratory & machine shop of an alchemist who’s been replaced by a doppelganger.
  • (Public) Thursday D&D Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers, seeks an artifact in the Pyramid of Amun-Re.
  • Friday Mystara 2pm CST: Privately Booked Session.
  • Friday Mystara 5pm CST: Privately Booked Session.
  • Saturday D&D Mystara 3pm Central: Privately Booked Session Block
  • (Public) Saturday D&D Mystara 7pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers continues to explore the ruins of a temple on the Island of Lost Dreams.
  • Sunday D&D Mystara 3pm Central: Privately Booked Session Block
  • (Public) Sunday D&D Mystara 7pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers, pursued through the Planes by a pair of retrievers, holes up in “The Madhouse” on the Plane of Pandesmos.

Looking for a game you don’t see yet? Or a day or a time slot you don’t see yet?

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See “The Big List of All Our Games” Here!

Check Out the BIG List of 5e D&D Character Classes! 

The BIG LIST of Possible Games and Game Worlds (just ask!) (alphabetical)

Babylon 5
Call of Cthulhuu
D&D 5e Adventures in Middle-earth: Lord of the Rings
D&D 5e Amonkhet
D&D 5e Birthright
D&D 5e Calidar
D&D 5e Council of Wyrms
D&D 5e Dark Sun
D&D 5e Dominaria
D&D 5e Dragonlance
D&D 5e Exandria
D&D 5e Forgotten Realms
D&D 5e Ghostwalk
D&D 5e Greyhawk
D&D 5e Innistrad
D&D 5e Ixalan

D&D 5e Jasmia

D&D 5e Kaladesh
D&D 5e Kingdoms of Kalamar
D&D 5e Lankhmar: World of Nehwon
D&D 5e Legend of the Five Rings

D&D 5e Literaturia

D&D 5e Mask of the Red Death
D&D 5e Mystara
D&D 5e Planescape
D&D 5e Ponyfinder
D&D 5e Pugmire
D&D 5e Ravenloft
D&D 5e Ravnica
D&D 5e Spelljammer
D&D 5e Theros
D&D 5e Zendikar
DC Universe (Mutants and Masterminds 3e)
Earth-7642 Marvel/DC Crossoververse FASERIP
Marvel Universe FASERIP
Rifts (Savage Worlds)
Rifts Chaos Earth (Savage Worlds)
Rifts Phase World/Three Galaxies (Savage Worlds)
Rifts Skraypers (Savage Worlds)
Rifts Wormwood (Savage Worlds)
Rolemaster Plus Spacemaster: Dark Space
Rolemaster: Shadow World
SCP Foundation
Shadowrun 6e
Smerdiverse FASERIP
Star Trek
Star Wars d6
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