Q: What ruleset do you plan to use for the LOFT Project games?

A: For several reasons, including, but not limited to, 1.) making the games flow as quickly and smoothly as possible with the least amount of clunkiness, 2.) being able to onboard new GMs as quickly as possible, and 3.) respecting the growing number of folks in our community who are refusing to support modern WOTC, we will be using the Advanced Old School Essentials ruleset supplemented in places with AD&D 1e and BECMI. The Old School Essentials Basic Rules (compatible with the advanced rules) are FREE here: https://necroticgnome.com/products/old-school-essentials-basic-rules 

Q: What will the campaign be like? How will all the GMs work together?

A: The world map will be divided into regions. Each GM (or GM group) is assigned to learn all there is to know about their region and what player character groups are operating in that region and how their actions affect that region going forward. GMs will conference with each other about events affecting the entire world.

Q: Will there be sandbox or crafting or non-adventuring things to do similar to Albion Online,  EVE Online, or Star Wars Galaxies?

Oh, yes! GM Ron Watson has devised a crafting system that will work nicely for this purpose. Characters who don’t want to adventure will also be able to set up businesses such as inns or restaurants and certain GMs will be assigned to GM these “business simulations”. Imagine being a swordsmith when it’s time to go to war and getting a government contract for your production!