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My name is Jon Klement. As I write this on July 14, 2021, fifty days ago, on May 26, 2021, I began my own journey into professional Game Mastering. I’m currently 50 years old. I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons since I was 11. Table top RPG’s have been my passionate hobby for 39 years. I read online about folks making real money GMing online. To be honest, I burned with jealousy. There HAD to be a way for me to break into it!

I applied skills I’ve picked up over my life as a start-up entrepreneur, a podcast host, a web site designer, a published author of young adult and children’s books, a high school science teacher, an online international English teacher,  and other endeavors to build a brand, a clientele, and an income…quickly.

One of the exciting things is that the number of online RPG players who will pay good game masters for their time is only growing with no end in sight. I personally am currently GMing for money 6 to 9 hours per day and buying groceries, paying phone bills, and buying presents for my wife with gaming money. There are so many players out there, you could never GM for them all, so…

…I would like to coach YOU into achieving in one week what took me fifty days. Even with my previous life experience in marketing, writing copy, designing customer service strategies, sales, web page design, etc., I still made some mistakes and went through some trial and error. So, I not only know things you should do, I have also discovered some things you should not do. LOL! I can explain why things are done a certain way at my site, The Game Shop’s Basement, because sometimes, we learned the hard way.

As your coach, I’m committed to showing you how to get results the easier way. Let’s get you some money for playing D&D or whatever your favorite RPG may be.

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Taking a class is great. I’ve learned a lot in my life from taking online classes and watching online videos, including many things I use in my current business. What’s even more valuable than a class you can take is personal coaching and mentoring. Join the Basement Council of Game Masters for $20/month (just a few dollars more than a monthly MMO subscription). You’ll receive access to ongoing teaching, coaching, and training through Discord, email, videos, and other social media. Keep up with changes in the industry as they come. Meet and get encouraged by and share ideas with other pro game masters! Get invited to exclusive Basement Council of Game Masters (BCGM) events!

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