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The Game Shop’s Basement is currently in production of several livestreamed tabletop RPG shows.


While any game or game world might be done in the future, based on current popularity, the three top games right now according to our research are:


Dungeons & Dragons


Marvel Universe, and 


Avatar: Legends of Aang’s and Korra’s World.


However, if you are itching to see anything else, maybe Star Wars, Shadowrun, Rifts, DC Universe, the SCP Foundation, or any other game or game world, feel free to contact GM Jon on Discord at with your suggestion. If it’s popular enough, we’ll do it!


Potential players for shows are currently meeting for private “table testing” games. Once a show has a stable, relatable, cast of players who work well together to produce an enjoyable show, we will be announcing the show to begin video streaming to the public.


At that point, we’ll also create a webpage for each show as it gets announced so you can meet the cast and their characters, and read their backstories.


Shows are currently in production for all three of the main games listed above.


If you are interested in being a cast member on a show, follow our Be On A Show Yourself link.

See you in game!


GM Jon

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