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Schedule of GM Murray’s Games coming soon!

Murray has been involved in the gaming hobby for 40 years. From a wargaming background, he has been DM’ing for 30 very odd years, and has turned professional in the last year.

Why does he do this ? cause he likes to share the buzz thrill and enjoyment of a the table collectively playing out a fun dynamic story .

Based in Perth Western Australia , the worlds most isolated capital city, he brings an Aussie POV to games not typical of your average on line DM.

As a s seasoned wargamer and roleplayer , with experience from older editions of D&D and many other games, he runs what can be complex but realistic combat and roleplay.

He enjoys helping folks get off to a good start in learning Table Top RPG.

He loves the background of worlds . Among his favourites are Faerun, Mystarra, Harn, the Empire of L5R, Mutant Chronicles Solar System, the known worlds of The Fading Suns, LARP

He runs games for ‘Grown ups , so no teens unless their parents play.

He enjoys players using their initiative to advance the the plot.

He believes dnd is a Team game with a story focus. Through achieving Missions the plot advances.

He subscribes to E+R=O . Events lead to Responses that create Outcomes. Too many bad outcomes in behaviours leads to exclusion.

He runs games based on the character has scope in which they are Free to Act. Actions come with consequences which may be good and bad.

Things he doesn’t like ;

Entitled BS Artists , Did the Camarilla enough said

Parties that do nothing toward the story and expect The DM to entertain them. Its collective storytelling people.

Players who believe that its all about me , and stop others developing their characters and subplots. Team Not ME .

Most of all he doesn’t like folks being isolated unable to take part in what for some is their only nerdy socializing.

Schedule of GM Murray’s Games coming soon!