New Year's Eve 2021--Rifts Psycho-Santa

A few weeks before Christmas 2021, during a D&D game, GM Jon was asked if there was going to be some sort of Holiday Season event at the Game Shop’s Basement.

There hadn’t been any thoughts along those lines until someone mentioned it, but when more and more folks began asking about it, we put our heads together and realized there’s one holiday themed campaign type that stands above them all–Rifts Santa Claus!

Rifts is a game that’s been published by Palladium Games since 1990. Rifts Santa Claus was presented in The Rifter Magazine, a publication that supports the entire line of Palladium Games.

In this holiday-themed one-shot, player characters were recent recruits in Santa’s Yule Guard. a military force with which Santa wages his war against evil “for the children”.

By the end of the session, player characters had saved Christmastown from being ingested by a ginormous Lovecraftian horror.

What else would you expect from Rifts?