New Security Protocols for the Game Shop’s Basement!

┬áBeginning with today’s games (Dec. 18th, 2021): 1.) ALL Privately Reserved Games will only have their Discord voicechats available to those with the assigned role for that table. If you are a member of a table and don’t have the assigned role, message GM Jon. 2.) Public games will continue to have their voicechats open to the public for free observers to have access. 3.) Owlbear Rodeo sessions will now have passwords that will be sent by private Discord message at the beginning of a game session. 4.) If Owlbear Rodeo sessions are trolled, a new Owlbear Rodeo session will begin to finish that particular current session with a new password for players only with free observers not included in Owlbear Rodeo for the rest of that current particular session.