Literaturia: Domain of Delight

For several years now, in the world of D&D fandom, the Feywild has been very popular. Wizards of the Coast has responded with the release of The Wild Beyond the Witchlight and called for Adventure League submissions of Domains of Delight.

The Game Shop’s Basement is extremely honored to be working with Erich Suellentrop to co-author Literaturia: Domain of Delight, a fey domain in which fantasy stories literally come true as interactive Reflections.

Would your party of adventurers catch the Gingerbread Man? Or find Little Bo Peep’s sheep? Or follow Jack up the beanstalk?

Will you answer the call of the archfey Mother Goose and her Brothers Grimm to discover the nature of the threat that might warp Literaturia forever or even destroy it?

Just ask for a day time that’s good for you on DiscordAsk GM Jon.

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