When Jasmia was found 50 years ago by plane travelers, it had no sentient life that could be found, although there are signs everyone that civilizations once thrived there.

Journeys into Jasmia

Almost from the beginning of The Game Shop’s Basement, folks would ask if we were going to record our sessions for online podcast or video cast shows.

We decided to produce an audiobook series.

We are currently recording the first volume set in the ancient, forgotten (but recently found) world of Jasmia. Voice actors for the audio sessions were recruited from players at various tables at The Game Shop’s Basement.

Sunday mornings there is already a timeslot set with a player campaign table adventuring in Jasmia. If you can join, it’s a lot of fun, but if Sunday morning gaming isn’t your thing, just ask for a time that IS good for you on Discord. Ask GM Jon.


Jukebox, a golem-like construct, is a bagpipe playing bard and one of the characters in the audiobook series for Jasmia.

One of Jukebox’s companions is a feline humanoid monk names Mistah Tihnkles.

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