As the Nations of Mystara Struggle With the Aftermath of the Night of the Blood Red Moon, Disturbing Questions Linger....

The year is 1035 AC. A month ago, an annual event known as the Night of the Blood Red Moon that has only affected the Principalities of Glantri ever in history before, suddenly became worldwide without any warning or even knowledge that such a thing was possible. Given the effects of the Night of the Blood Red Moon on magic, the effect caused chaos, mayhem, and disaster everywhere. Millions of people were unprepared. Almost a quarter of a million souls lost their prime material lives across all continents of the globe.

Now, a joint task force of nations, the Moon Safety Society, led by the Wizards Council of Glantri, in partnership with the engineering dwarves of the Kingdom of Rockhome, the sky gnomes of the flying city of Serraine, and the Sky Navy of the Heldann Freeholds, seeks to build a vessel capable to making the journey to investigate the Moon itself!

Opportunities will abound for player character parties to meet high-paying quest-givers who will be procuring the magical crafting and building materials necessary for the dwarves of Rockhome, the artificers of the Glantrian Principality of Aalban, the True Alphatian air elementalists of Blackhill, and the sky gnomes of Serraine to make the Skyship to a Blood Red Moon a reality.

Where will YOUR adventuring group be asked to go, scouring the world of Mystara and Planes Beyond? What will they be asked to obtain?

Can the Skyship to a Blood Red Moon be constructed in time to provide answers to a world in crisis? Are you up to the challenge?


Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS from Pexels