Six Months of Gaming in the Basement!

November 2021: The Half-versary of The Game Shop’s Basement!

Six months ago, a DM, inspired by reading the success stories of other DM’s who had “gone pro” online, went for it himself. A few HUNDRED games later, DMing over 40 hours per week, here we are:

  • We’ve had three gameworld-wide Living Mystara events, tying together players from all over the real world, no matter which day of the week they play or which time of day or night, the actions of one group affect the events for another in a living interactive world.
  • We’ve hosted games for folks in the USA, Indonesia, Japan, Italy, Ireland, the Philippines, England, and Australia.
  • We’ve launched an education program so that other GM’s can learn to go pro also: The Basement Council of Game Masters.
  • We’re recording a D&D Audiobook: Jungles of Jasmia with voice actors recruited from game tables at The Game Shop’s Basement.
  • We’re honored to be co-authoring, with the illustrious Erich Suellentrop, a WOTC Domains of Delight submission : The Domain of Literaturia.
  • We’re welcoming a NEW, second Game Master onboard who specializes in Call of Cthulhuu and Shadowrun. Welcome, Keith!
  • We’re hosting D&D Adventure League sessions. If you like Adventure League and don’t have time for committed, long term campaigns, this could be for you!

Check Out the BIG List of 5e D&D Character Classes! 

Games Schedule (with links to sign-up pages):

  • Monday/Saturday D&D Mystara 1pm/3pm Central: Privately Booked Session Block
  • (Public) Monday D&D Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers visits an ancient but restored Thyatian fort to take a tour of it. The party is considering buying it with the proceeds of selling off the Blackstick of Denagoth.
  • (Public) Tuesday Marvel Universe RPG 7:30pm CST: New Campaign Session One coming up. Adventure in the Marvel Univese!
  • (Public) Wednesday D&D Mystara 4pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers in Mystara’s Hollow Moon have begun freeing Thebitians from the mind-control of the kopru. In the Pyramid of Amun-Rho, they seek a mysterious relic that may help in the resistance against the kopru.
  • (Public) Wednesday Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers enters the laboratory & machine shop of an alchemist who’s been replaced by a doppelganger.
  • (Public) Thursday D&D Mystara 7:30pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers, seeks an artifact in the Pyramid of Amun-Re.
  • Friday Mystara 2pm CST: Privately Booked Session.
  • Friday Mystara 5pm CST: Privately Booked Session.
  • (Public) Saturday D&D Mystara 8am CST:  Wherein a group of adventurers inside the Hollow Moon campaign setting discovers that everything is not as it seems in the Adhuzan Dominarchy.
  • (Public) Saturday D&D Mystara 7pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers continues to explore the ruins of a temple on the Island of Lost Dreams.
  • (Public) Sunday D&D Jasmia 9am CST: NEW CAMPAIGN set in the world of the upcoming D&D audiobook series. Only second session coming up! Still good ground floor joining time.
  • Sunday D&D Mystara 3pm Central: Privately Booked Session Block
  • (Public) Sunday D&D Mystara 7pm CST: Wherein a group of adventurers, pursued through the Planes by a pair of retrievers, holes up in “The Madhouse” on the Plane of Pandesmos.

Looking for a game you don’t see yet? Or a day or a time slot you don’t see yet?

Ask about it in Discord! We’re always adding new games and times.

See “The Big List of All Our Games” Here!

Check Out the BIG List of 5e D&D Character Classes! 

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Our Story


in a very magical time known as the 1980’s, in a town known as Warrensburg, Missouri, a group of retired military guys pooled their resources and opened a game shop. This game shop had a magical basement. The basement was often open to gaming 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. One of the owners, although he did have a real home to go to with a real bed in it, would often sleep on a cot in the game shop office. Three different cultures met, mixed, and gamed together in that basement. First, there were the military folks from nearby Whiteman Air Force Base.  Second, there were the college gamers from nearby Central Missouri State University. Finally, there were quite a lot of townies, the people who would have lived and gamed in Warrensburg anyway because they either lived there, or lived a drivable distance away.

The magical basement became a home away from home for many. Several young people found an escape from varying degrees of dysfunctionality in their home lives. College students and military personnel got breaks from the pressures of campus life or military base life, respectively. And, since the pop culture explosion of D&D popularity from things like Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, and Critical Role were still 30-some years away in the future, gamers of all stripes found their social set in the magical basement.

Now, the torch is being carried forth online, to a new generation of gamers, as well as to those old enough to remember the old ways, the old magic. Join us in our fantasy adventuring parties, our super-hero teams, our Star Wars rebel cells, our Shadowrun teams, and in whatever else we choose to be, as we play in The Game Shop’s Basement.

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