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What Does “Old School” Gaming Even Mean? (Part 1): A Lesson from Peter Parker

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Our #DUNGEON23 Project

Games usually run 4 hours. Pro-rated prices are available for groups wanting shorter games.

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Sundays: 2 Tables!

1.) One table Pathfinder 2e, with 3 spots left (6pm to 10pm CST). Sign up link here.

2.) The other table private group Pathfinder 2e but FREE to watch (10pm to 1am CST). Ask on Discord or find me on

Mondays: Private table D&D 5e but FREE to watch (11pm to 1am CST) Ask on Discord or find me on World of Mystara!

Tuesdays: D&D 5e: 2 seats left, 6pm to 10pm Central Time, sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

Wednesdays: table forming, ask on Discord or find me on

Thursdays: D&D 5e: 3 seats left, 4pm to 8pm Central Time, sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

Fridays: D&D 5e 2 seats left, 7pm to 11pm Central Time, sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

Saturdays: 2 Tables!

1.) 1st table D&D 5e with 2 seats left. (2pm to 6pm CST). Sign-up link here. World of Greyhawk!

2.) 2nd Table, D&D 5e, 2 seats left, (6pm to 10pm CST) sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

Sundays: 2 Tables!

1.) 1st table PF2e with 3 seats left. (2pm to 6pm CST). Sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

2.) 2nd Table, PF2e, 3 seats left, (6pm to 10pm CST) sign-up link here. World of Mystara!

#DUNGEON23 is similar to National Write a Novel Month in November, in which participants work to complete an entire novel between November 1st and November 30th. In the case of #DUNGEON23, one room or encounter of a fantasy RPG adventure is written each day of 2023 from January 1st to December 31st, thus producing a 365 encounter adventure, a megadungeon.

The theme for our megadungeon adventure is MYSTARA! MYSTARA is the gameworld that grew out of the original red basic box and blue expert box for Dungeons & Dragons in the early 1980’s. This adventure has been written specifically to showcase what makes MYSTARA the coolest D&D world ever written. (Note: Just because the author has a favorite, doesn’t mean he thinks the others suck. They are ALL loved, just MYSTARA a little bit more.)
Click here for the latest progress we’ve posted on the #DUNGEON23 Project.


The Grumpy Old GMs #DUNGEON23 Project is a completely FREE Fan Produced Product of love. It is COMPLETELY FREE and is intentionally not making ANY money to avoid violating any copyrights, trademarks, or gaming licenses.

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