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In 2021, during the shut-in COVID times, GM and Author Jon Klement, to replace his job, began running tabletop RPG’s online with Discord and VTT full-time. (Find our Discord community here.)

Since then, the Game Shop’s Basement has connected players across the world: from the USA, to France, to Ireland, to Japan, to Italy, to Australia, to the Middle East.

While the shut-in COVID times are over, online virtual gaming tables appear to be here to stay. Currently, the Game Shop’s Basement hosts games on weeknights (North American time).

The tables in the schedule below currently have seats available for new player characters.

If you are interested in starting a game on a night that isn’t listed….just ask on Discord.

Possible games include those running right now (D&D OSR, Warhammer 40k, Fallout, and the SCP Foundation) as well as many more, so if you’re thinking of starting a game that isn’t currently listedjust ask on Discord.


Current Schedule

Mondays: Open (Contact us on Discord to found a table!)

Tuesdays: Fallout! Explore the Miami and the Everglades in the year 2296. War never changes.  Book here on StartPlaying.games.

Wednesdays: D&D OSR Edition! Join a campaign that’s been running for 36 years! Hundreds have played! Make YOUR mark on the legacy! Book here on StartPlaying.games.

Thursdays:  D&D OSR Edition! Explore the Hollow World! (In continuity with the Wed. game.) Book here on Startplaying.games.

Fridays: Currently Organizing a “Warhammer 40k” Table.  (Contact us on Discord!)

Saturdays: Private game (no seats available).

Sundays: Currently Organizing a “D&D OSR Edition” Table.  (Contact us on Discord!)

Like Gamelit?


Don Espino de la Rosa and Deldric Rumble are the fantasy RPG characters that my sons played growing up. These adventures are based on their characters and the gaming table we enjoyed together for years. If you enjoy fantasy gaming adventures, this is for you. Get it here!

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“Started my first paid game the other night. Was referred to a group by my friends group that i’ve been running for 2 years. This guy was tired of DMing all the time and looking to hire a paid DM to run Rime of the frostmaiden. I still reference your videos! Was a good purchase.”
–DM Magic Mike (Discord)
“Did my first live game last night everyone loved it apparently the other person that DM’s there doesn’t use maps or figurines so the fact I’m using that made their experience super amazing and my next game is on the 16th in person. I’d also like to thank you and your videos that you post I’m giving me the confidence to do a game in person.”
–Hedley8989 (Discord)
“This motherf*$ker has decades of experience and knows what he’s doing. He’s an expert.”
–OnestGuy1983 (Discord)
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